from upcoming album (2017)

by Reeking Cross

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released September 16, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Melting Mask (vocals: Lori Bravo)
Born of plague, in filth conceived…
Skin drips into melting mask
Nine eyes grey as deathcamp ash
Forever crawls the hissing choir
Hymn of a thousand slaves on fire

Feasting speculum with serpent's head
Corrupted flesh soaks bedsheets red
Virgin dreams of a convulsing sky
Hears it whisper in a clamor of knives
In her womb, white centipedes grow
Gods lick her skull, stain of septic halo
Track Name: Maggots (vocals: Aaron Nichols)
Floor beneath my hands, endless, white, brain bathes in hum of sodium lights, threads of blood glaze seedmouth's frown, crowned in maggots and chewing debutante's gown, nursing eyes drip with cannibal menace, spreading jaws pink as bacillus, hissing tubes twist into cruciform, I have become vivisection porn